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  • Category: Software engineering
  • Coordinator: SeBiMER
  • Project list: visit our Gitlab and Github pages

SeBiMER softwares

SeBiMER team has strong skills on software engineering relying on several computing languages such as Java, Groovy, Python and bash. We are able to develop several types of softwares including command-line programs, GUI-based applications and Web-based platforms. For the latter ones, SeBiMER uses Django framework.

Considering application deployment, SeBiMER is capable of providing pakages for Conda, Docker and Singularity.

The entire software life cycle (code, tests, documentation, integration and deployment) is handled using a Gitlab server.

You can find all our free and open-source softwares by visiting our Gitlab and Github project pages.

Below, are some examples of softwares contributed by SeBiMER: