Results of ORSON pipeline loaded into BlastViewer UI software.

Genomes Catalog and JBrowse2 session created by Omics-Catalog pipeline.

Metabarcoding data analysis report created by SAMBA pipeline.

Support information

  • Category: Workflow engineering
  • Coordinator: SeBiMER
  • Project list: visit our Gitlab and Github pages

SeBiMER workflows

SeBiMER creates workflows relying on the Nextflow framework. Often such pipelines are designed as part of a data analysis project to standardise and turn as FAIR as possible the combined use of several bioinformatics softwares. We also ensure that pipelines are optimally executed on a high-performance computing infrastructure.

We also setup particular workflows to manage our own activities on Ifremer's bioinformatics platform.

You can find all our free and open-source workflows by visiting our Gitlab and Github project pages. Some workflows are also available from

Below, are some examples of softwares contributed by SeBiMER: